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Yes, every single stall is vegan-friendly… and so are most of our artists!

The outdoor areas and daytime activities are for all ages up to 4pm.

Your kids can access a number of specialty activities and shows throughout the day.

Inside the Bar, children will need to be supervised, as alcohol will be available for anyone over 18. Use your parental discretion.

Plant Vibes is all about inclusivity – we want everyone to enjoy all the music!

From 10am to 4pm, we’re all-ages, family-friendly. Come and enjoy the local artist music stage, food, stalls, and kids shows and activities.

After 4pm, our site changes to 18+ only. If you are over 18 and have an all-day pass, we will escort you to our VIP section for a special performance while we get ready for the evening section.

If you are under 18, we politely request that you leave at 4pm.

At 6pm, our headline acts start on the main stage… so it’s worth getting an all-day pass!

You sure can! Please make sure you also bring some green bags for cleaning up any messes.

Proceeds from Plant Vibes Music Festival will be split evenly between the animal sanctuaries involved.

Plant Vibes is registered with a chartered accountant for total financial transparency. We also have an agreement with Vegan Australia, who will oversee the bookwork and donations.

A small portion of the proceeds will go towards administration costs such as advertising, website and venue.

Our evening headline acts are all vegan!

The vast majority of our daytime performers are also vegan.

All of our musicians are supporting the sanctuaries by giving their time and energy to this event. We welcome their presence… and encourage everyone to try the fantastic vegan food and wares available!

Plant Vibes is held on Jugglers Lawn and the UniBar at the University of Wollongong.

Pop Northfields Ave, Gwynneville into your GPS, and follow the sound of the music!